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148 1812 1876 1929 1932 2007 2014 2015 2016 5236 44628 ...of 000 years 1 kg of silk 104 kg of mulberry trees and 3000 silkworms 120 development of 115 introduced 1600s 17.19.03 17.24.39 1923 inception 19th century 1st published 1931 2nd year 2ndyear brown wgray 300 breeds 400 miles 54 d.c. phaeton 6.43.38 9c 33634 a drift abies spp. ablaze able to form bonds acquiescence to fate acrobat acrobatic acrobats added to breed admirer adult adults play by scooping dropped objects aerial ballet affectionate african african longhorn afs dx zoomnikkor 18135mm f3.55.6g ifed afs dx zoomnikkor 1835mm f3.55.6g ifed afs nikkor 70 200mm f2.8g ed vr iii afs nikkor 70200mm f2 8g ed vr ii afs nikkor 70200mm f2.8g ed vr ii after the rain agile agile chestnut underbelly agriculture aircraft airplane aix sponsa albert kahn designed factory alberta spruce alcohol alert allmale environment almondshaped eyes also grow from bulbs alteration alternative medicine perhaps amarillo amaryllis american avocet american avocets american car american goldfinch american herring gull american red squirrel american robin american tern among first birds to sing at dawn anas.platyrhynchos ancestor likely bezoar ibex of zagros mountains ancestors ancestry dates back more than 6 ancestry dates back more than 6000 years ancient etruscan root autu' harvest time andropogon gerardii angel's trumpets animal ankole anser anser anthriscus sylvestris antique antique rose bush anywhere aperture apical structure aquatic food web arabian blood arboretum architecture ardea alba are art artistic collaboration ascension asia asphodel assembly assemblé atlantic atlantic ocean atlantic.ocean auburn auto automobile autumn autumn leaves azure b25 bach flower remedy back in time background backlight backlighting backlit backyard bagaduce bay balance baltimore oriole bareback bark barn barnyard barrel wave barrier fence barrier island beach beachscape beard bearded iris beautiful beauty bec croche bedroom belladonna lily bellshaped flowers belt seats berries between sky and sand bicycle bike bilateral symmetry of flower biofuels biological diversity bird bird of prey birdinflight birds birdsinflight birdsinflight field grazer birthday birthday x2 black black and white undertail black band encircling yellow bill black crown black river black river area black tailcurl black wingtips blackandwite blackbird blackbird sized blackcrowned night heron blacknecked blanket.flower bloom blooms blooms early spring blossom blossoms blue blue eyes blue jay blue shore bluestem blueticked tabby bluffs board game boardinghouse boat boats boattail bog bogue banks bogue banks crystal coast bogue sound boisterous bokeh bold pattern bold redorange bomber bombycilla cedrorum bonsai boomer boraginaceae botanical bottoms up bouncy flight bouncy.flight bovine boys will be boys branches branta canadensis branta condenses brauer preserve breed in colonies breed only on high arctic tundra breed takes its name from former perche province breeding plumage bridge bright bright rufous cap british broad broad wings bronco bronze bronzed grackle brown pelican brown skin on throat pouch brownheaded cowbird browsing animal bruce and ann bachmann brugmansia buck buds pink building building constructed circa 1870 buildings built circa 1619 builtin compass bulbous plant bulbs bull bulrush bush bushy tail business center bustling thoroughfare buteo jamaicensis butorides vierscens butorides virescens butterflies most common pollinator cactus cafe calidris alba california california historical landmark calm white calyx camden camden hills state park canada geese canada goose canada gosling candleholder canopy captain buck car carbodies of coventry cardinal cardinalis cardinalis cardinalis cardinals carmen carnivorous carnivorous mammal carp carpels carved by glacial ice casement casing cat caterpillar cats cattails cattle cattle african cattle of kings cattle.of.kings cedar waxwing celebration chains chair challenge chance changeable changes checkmate chedworth cheers chess chess pieces chess set chessboard chestnut underbelly chicago chickaree chief.river chihuly chinese elm chipmunklike chipping sparrow christian hymn christmas christmas lights chunky shape cincinnati circa 1619 circumstances cirrus aviaticus citscape city city.of.chicago classic cliff swallow nest cliffs clouds clumpforming cluster coalpowered coast coastal coastal beach coastal carolinas coastal defense coastal marsh coastal species coastal waters coastal wetland coastline cobalt cobweb coclito blanco coco blanco coffee colaptes auratuz cold college colonial nester colony color colorful colorful personality colors colors of the world columba livia columbine combat medics comfort comfy comically elegant commashaped black ear patch commencement common in wetlands common teasel compact visual scope companion complex communication composite organism composition concealed in vegetation concours d'elegance of america condensation trails cones conifer coniferous coniferous pinaceae connecticut conservation grazing considered sacred constructed.between.1827.and.1829 container continental united states contrails contrast convertible conveyor belts convolvulaceae cool cool green cormorant corn dog grass corner table cornucopia corocoro blanco corolla cosmos bipinnatus cotswold cottage cotswold hills cotswolds cottage couple course of action cove cover cow parsley cowbird cozy crabbing piercing calls craig crane creature creek crest crested crimson veins croatan national forest crocus crop crown crown and rootpruning crystal crystal coast cudchewing cumbungi cupshaped curious curtains cutleaf cyanocitta cristata cyanocitta crostata cycling cygnus.olor dabblers dabbling duck daffadowndilly daffodils daggerlike bill daisylike dancing dangle dangling dark and glossy in summer dark bars on leading edge of wings dark cap dark skies darwinian dance davidson gerson modern glass gallery dawn daylily days gone by days of old dazzling deciduous decor decoration deep deep red brushmarks deer defoliation delicate delivered 12171943 depth of field descended from near east wildcat descended from near eastern wild cat design detritus dew dew drops dialogue with glass digests insects dionaea muscipula dipsacus fullonum direct drive disappointed.bridge distinctive shape distinctive wing markings diurnal mammal diver divers diving bird diving duck dock doe dog dom domestic domestic cat domesticated domesticated more than 5k years ago dominant competitor dormant rose of sharon doublecrested cormorant downy downy woodpecker draft horse dream dream of flying drink drink the day dripping dsc1998 dsc8297 duck ducklike bird duckling dumetella carolinensis dune dunes early island light early morning early morning mist east tawas easter easter lily eastern eastern north carolina eastern seaboard easy care easy keepers ebony silver spotted ebony silverspotted echo of the waves ecosystem eddie edge of lake edging edison education efforescence egret el buen pastor elegant elegant great egret ellen e son embayment emerald island emerald isle emphasis on spontaneity empty seedheads endless skyway english english sparrow entirely crimson head ephemeral equine equus erosion estuary eudocimus albus european fairytales european starling european.starling sturnus vulgaris evening eventide evergreen exotic eye eyes fabaceae fabales faboideae factory fairly large beak fall fall of the year fallen false spirea family fanlight farm farm fields farmers farmhouse farming farmland farmtotable fauna fawn feast feathers feed between evening and morning feed both night and day feeder feeding felid feline felis catus felis domesticus feliz navidad female fence feral fermented grape juice few insects or disease problems fibers field field of gold fields files filter finch fir fir needles are soft first major american city founded after the american revolution first to grow after landslide fish fisherman fishing fishing bird fishing.bird flaking bark flamenco queen flaring ears flat and cannot be rolled between fingers flat head flew 7 missions corsicasicily flight float low on the water floating flooded conditions flora floral floret florida flourishing flower flower.... flowering flowering bulb flowering plant flowering spike flowers fluctuation fly trap flycatcher flying checkerboard focus fog foggy foliage foliar form foliar volume footpints forage forager foragers foragers in evening foreign car forest forgetmenot forked.tail forster's.tern fort bragg fort macon fort macon state park fortune foundation in siamese breed fragant fragant flowers fragile fragrant frame francis jehl freezing fresh air fresh water freshwater fretting friday friendship frilly frisky frolicking from corms from southwest england fronds full.sun furry fused stamens and carpets gaillardia gale gales gallant warrior gallup park gambier game gangly garden garden attracts butterflies and bees garden cosmos gardens gate gathering storm geese generating power geology geometric george norman pierce gianni toso creator gifts gildden trophy glaciation glass glasses glassware gleaming green head glide above the surf glider gliders glory glossy iridescence glossy iridescent body gloucester goat goatantelope subfamily gold golden golden eye golden hour good disposition good dispositions good sense of smell good.tidings goose goose down gosling gothic graceful plant grackle graduation grafted grain grains of sand graphic elements grass grassland gray and black plumage gray catbird grayandblack plumage graybrown bird grazing great capacity for hearing great egret great lake great lakes great lakes and watershed great.lakes.and.watershed grebe green green eyes green heron green swamp greenfield village greyheaded coneflower greylag ground squirrel group of trees grove grow from corms grow from creeping rhizomes grow.from.corms grus canadensis gull gull like bird gulllike bird habitat haemorhous mexicanus haemorhous purpureus hall tree hamilton county county seat hanks happy holidays happy hour happy new year harbor harbor master hardest of elms hardy harness harness the wind harvest hat hawk hearts helianthus annuus helmet herb herbaceous herbaceous border herbaceous perennial herbforb herd animal here's looking at you kid heron herring gull high level of biological product high wheels highly modified petal highway highwheeler hill hills hindu temple ponds are sacred hinged leaves hippeastrum historic historic site historical history holding pond holiday home homogenitus homomutatus honeycolored stone honeysuckle family honker hooded merganser hoofed hoofed animal horizon horned grebe horns horns' horse house house cat house finch house sparrow hudson mills hunting huron river huron river watershed hush hylocichia mustelina ibis blanco icterus galbula icterus glacial illinois impressionism in indian blanketperennial indian grove indigo indoors infinitely long inflight insect intelligent intensely territorial international boundary international.hub intracoastal waterway intricate courting iridescence iridescent iridescent blue and bronze iris iris sibirica irish blessing island island harbor islands isle it's not what you look at that matters it's what you see. henry david thoreau italian impressionism ivy j van cise photos japanese art form jar jelly jellyfish jersey lily jetty jonquil joy joyeux noël juvenile juveniles are mottled brown juveniles resemble females keck keep apart from other waterfowl kelly kenyon's.first.permanent.building kingbird kinglet kinship kite kiteboarding kitesurfing kiting kitten kittens kitty knoll known for historic architecture kokosing.river l'ibis blanc lace lacebark elm lake lake erie lake huron lake isabelle lake michigan lake michigan inflight lake.michigan lamp land landscape large and lanky large ears larus argentatus larus delawarensis late.afternoon latespring laughing.gull leaded glass leaf leafpeeping least tern leaves left coast leirion leonard preserve les fleurs less traveled leucophaeus.atricilla lichen licking river light light and dark squares light.and.shadows lighthouse lighting lights like fourpointed stars in flight lilac lilies lilium lily lily pond limestone lineshaped clouds liquid literary little genetic variations from 1st 100 lively livestock lochan lodging house lone long long erect flowering stem long neck long tail longesttailed blackbird longlasting blooms longlegged longlegged wader longlegged wader. nesting longlived longterm cultivation longwhite head plume look like fourpointed stars in flight look like stars in flight lophodytes cucullatus loss of nesting loss of nesting habitat loud trilling song loyal lungwort oysterleaf lush lush abundance lush longlasting blooms luxury car macchia macchiaioli machinery macro macula made 1988 magnolia maine majestic swoops major contributor to local ecosystem major general william mitchell male male spends the night on the next mallard mammal mansfield many resupinate flowers maple march march lily marina maritime marque marsh marsh and aquatic plants marshland masked bandit massive.brick.walls matthaei botanical gardens maui may apple meadow meat mediterranean climate mediumsized melanerpes erythrocephalus melospiza melodia melospiza melody member of siamese family memories mendocino county mendocino.county menlo park merganser mergus serrator merino merry christmas mertensia virginica metropolitan mg mg badge mg car company limited michael michigan michigan continental united states michigan october michigan water migrant migratory mike milk mill mill creek park millettieae miniature tree minimalism mirror mississippi mist misty misty morning mitchell modern molothrus ater molt monochrome monogamous moon moonglow morning morning glory morning stroll morning. john steinbeck morris garages morris motors limited most active at night most numerous songbird u.s. most widespread heron in world mottling mount.battie mountains mouser move back and forth mulberry mullion multicolor mumation municpal murmation murmations muscari muscular body mustang mutability mute swan muticolored mutton in some parts of asia naked lady napa narcissus narrow foliage narrow grasslike leaves narrowgrasslike leaves national flower of wales native plant native to meadows and woodlands native to southeastern u.s. native to subtropical wetlands natural beauty road nature nature's creation rather than the artist ne m'oubliez pas nearby.mulberry.trees nebari needles nest in colonies nesting nesting site new hampshire new jersey new jersey complex newport aquarium nikon d7100 nikon d7100 afs nikkor 70200mm f2.8g ed vr ii nikon d80 nimble flyers nimble.flyer norse mythology north american red squirrel north caorlina north carolina northern baltimore oriole northern cardinal northern flicker not dwarfing not native not native to north america not plant not related to other north american sparrows nycticorax nycticoras ocean ocean drive octogan ohio ohio river ohio river valley old car old car festival old garden old garden rose bush old roses old saugatuck old saugatuck natural harbor area old.kenyon oldest recorded was at least 24 years oldest27 years oldtime on exhibit henry ford museum on the wing onthewing oof flower bundle opening opportunistic feeder opportunistic.feeder opposites orange orange bill with black base orange eyes orchards orchid ordinary oregon oregon coast oriental oriental shorthair originated in france's huise river valley oriole ornament ornamental osprey oswald west ottawas outdoor outdoors outer banks outside over beaches overall black plumage overlook oversized bill ovis pa 1st official car of white house pacific pacific ocean pan pandion haliaetus panel park parlor part of ancient polynesian culture passer domesticus passing of the year passion pastures pattern patwin indians paula pawn pea family pedaling peep peeps pelecanus occidentalis pelecanus occidentals pelican pelicans occidentals pendant pendulous pennsylvania pennsylvania's northern tier penny leading a farthing pennyfarthing penobscot bay penobscot.bay penosbscot penzai people peppery or spicy odor perch percheron percherons perching perching bird perching birds perching.bird perennial perennial herb perennial herbacious plant period costume permutation perspective pet pet companion petals petit flaman petunias phalacrocorax auritus picoides pubescens picoides pubescent picturesque pier piercearrow piercing calls pilot pine pine boughs pine knoll shores pine knoll shores aquarium wetlands pine knoll shores north carolina pine knoll shores waterway pine knoll waterway pine squirrel pines pink pink hearts pink or purple pinnate prairie coneflower pinto grigio pinus piranga olivacea plane plant planteater plants play played host to experimental lighting system 1879 playful playground playing playtime plungedivers plunger podiceps auritus point poles pond poppy portrait portrait of a fawn potted.plant powered by 4.6l straight eight powered by 46l straight eight powered by steampowered traction powerful prairie prairie peninsula prefers nesting on sandy beaches prefers salt water prehistoriclooking preindustrial present pretend to be disabled pretty in pink prickly primarily water in form of ice crystals primary colors primary inleti is detroit river primary outflow is niagra river prism private private herd probing produced by aircraft engine exhaust produced by changes in air pressure promontory pruned pump punks purple purple finch purr box pyramidal quaint queen queen anne's lace quiet time quiscalus quiscula racuous chatter radiative forcing rainbow raindrops rainy rambling ranks raptor rare raucous calls receptacle recreation recurvirostra americana red red and black breeding feathers red and tan mottling red and tan mottling of bark red bill red candle red leaves red legs red patch red robin red thorns redbreasted merganser reddish fur reddish orange breast redeyed redheaded woodpecker redpoint siamese redtailed hawk reedmace reeds reel reflect reflection reflections refractions refreshment regulus calendula related to abyssinians and siamese relative of frigatebird and boobie relatively shallow notch in tail relaxing remnant residence.hall resin resinous restaurant resting rhizomes rhizomes are edible rhythm of the rails ribs rich chestnut body riding a wave ringbilled gull ripples river river banks river bend river raisin watershed riverbed riverfront road roanoke bells robin rock rock garden tulips rock pigeon rocking horse rocks rocky rocky outcroppings rollin' on the river room room.and.board roost roost and nest in groups roots reduced rosaceae rose round wings route 1 route 6 royal tern rubycrowned kinglet ruddy color rugged ruminant runner rural rural michigan rural washtenaw rural washtenaw county rushes russian ballets saffron saffron yellow sail sailboat sailing salt water saltwter salverform flower samuel.mather.hall sand sand crabs sanderling sandhill crane sandpiper sandy sandy beach sandy hook trail sandy.beach sarah jordan boarding house sarah jordan was distant relative of edison sarah jordan's room sash saugatuck savannah sawgrass scarlet scarlet red head scarlet tanager scenery scenic drive scenie school schöne weihnachten scio woods preserve screen sculpture sea sea coast sea grass sea isle sea level sea shore sea.isle seabird seacoast seafoam seafood seagull seas seascape seashell seashells seashore seaside season seating seaweed secret lives sedges seedheads sense earth's magnetic field sepals serene serial ballet sericulture set to traditional scottish gaelic tune known as bunessan setting settled in 1788 several miles above earth shade shadow shadows pigeon shaggy crest shakespeare shakespeare enthusiasts added 100 to na shallow water shallowest of great lakes sheep sheets shell shells shelter for wildlife shift shifts ships shoot shore shorebird shorebirds shoreline shorelne short short square tail short wings shortnecked showy showy flowers shrimping shrub rose siamese siberian iris siberian.iris signature white chinstrap mark significant silent.shroud.of.snow silhouette silk silk is natural protein fiber silkmaking silkthrowing silkworm singletoed sink sinuous neck sitta carolinensis sitting skies skin sky skyscraper sleek sleek and muscular sleek svelte slender beak slim grassy foliage slow small heron small leaves small seeds small wood smallbodied smooth bark snack snow soaring sobx sociable social social birds social intelligent social species soft soft fur softfur solitary flower some considered among the oldest living things sometimes use bait sonder song sparrow songbird sorbaria sorbifolia sound soundside south beach south carolina south haven southeastern united states southern outer banks southwest england sparkling sparrow sparrow dipped in raspberry juice species of high concern species recovered from pollution speedster spendour spines spinning spinus tristis spires spirit spirits spizella passerina splash sport sports car spreading spring spring male spruce squares squirrel sshaped crook to neck sshaped neck stain or spot stamens stand standing water standup surfing starling starlling state bird of michigan state flower of tennessee state route 1 steam engine steam traction steed steelframed skyscraper stems stemware sterna.forsteri sternula antillarum still body of water stinchfield woods stocky stocky bird stone bridge stone ornamentation stoneworked rock stories storm strategy and tactices streaking on flanks stretchy throat pouch strident call striking appearance striking markings striking white and black stripes on wing in flight strolling strong claws strong flier strong fliers structure sturnus vulgaris sturnus.vulgaris subdued plumage succulent summer summer visitors to the northeast summertime summertime nikon d7100 sun sun highlights sun themselves with wings widespread sunflower sunflower family sunflower seeds sunlight sunning sunny sunny window sunset sunshine surf surf bathing surf's up surfboard surfer surfing surfing culture suspend svelte swan sweet sweet fragance sweet whistles in the morning swell swimming swing set swings symbiotic symbol of late victorian era symbol of spring synergy of wind and water t tabby tabby mammal table tall tall grass tall.graceful plant tallest tallgrass tallgrass prairie tanager tawas point tawas point lighthouse tawas point state park teasel tern tethers texas texas state university inspired colors textile industry mohair cashmere textiles texture thalasseus maximus the henry ford the ugly duckling thermal insulation thin bill this land thistle thomas thoughts thrashing threadspinning three stamens three stames threshing threshing equipment thrush tide tight flocks in flight tiles tilled timber time and tide tina tire swing titian toast tomb of the lord of the goats tournament of roses tournament of roses parade tower toxic tradition dates back over a thousand years train tracks traingular.head.shape transcendence transformation transformation of sand transition transportation transportation.artery trapping structure travel tray planing treatment tree tree grove tree grown in container treeclinging bird trees trestle triangular head shape triangular.head.shape tributaries tribute tringa semipalmata true trumpetshaped trunk line trunk movement trunk roots tube wave tufts tulip tulips turdis migratorius turdus migratorius turdus migrators turk's cap turmeric turns twig carries needles singly twigs twining twining stems twittering son two bridge scans twolane twoseater ulmaceae ulmus parvifolia undulating flight path ungulate united kingdom unity unmarried employees untilled updraft surfers use used in production of tea in china usually gray or black valentine valleys variation variations vase vastness vegetation velvet velvetgreen back venus' flytrap venus's flytrap venus.flytrap very young birds clad only in down vessel vformation in flight vicissitude vine vintage virginia bluebells virginia cowslip visual work vitalist spirit vivid color vocal vocal mimic wader wading bird walk walkers' paradise walking waning gibbous warbird warbling song warm warmth washstand washtenaw county watch water water boats water droplets water lilies water lily pads water sport water's edge waterbird waterfowl waterfront waterscape watershed waterway watusi wave wave chasers wave rider wavechasers waves wavewashed beach way of applying initial color we wish you a merry christmas weather weaving wedgeshaped head civilizations wellmuscled west coast wetland wetland habitat wetland plants wetlands wetsuit wharf wheat wheels' white white and black white eyeliner white feathers white head plumes white ibis white moves first white spots in winter white spots on wings white underbelly white.spruce whitebreasted nuthatch whitecaps whitewash wide tail widlflowers widow wild beaked parsley wild chervil wild chicory wild flower wildflower wiliam wordsworth willet willing to work wind winddispersed seeds window windshield wine wine glasses wingbeats slow winged wings wingtip vortices winter winter along beaches winter's day winternonbreeding wintertide wintertime wisconsin wisdom wistaria wisteria wme wood wood and plaster wood duck wood phlox wood thrush woodland woodpecker woods woody climbing vine wool words by eleanor farjeon work of nature worked rock working farm wwii wysteria yankee warrior yearround on coasts of southeast and gulf of mexico yellow yellow beak in summer yellow bill yellow bill in summer yellow coneflower yellow legs yellowbrown stone young youngstown yucca yule goat yummy

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