About - j van cise photos

"A place to rest, maybe linger awhile with those who've been,

and those who'll be, with nature and me."

~ Jo Reuss, 1999...

Many thanks for visiting my photo site....  

Photography remains a long-standing and deeply rooted passion of mine, a recreation I've cherished since I was very young.  Inspired by nature, color and natural light, my photographs help me portray, in my own unique way, the rhythms of this amazing and captivating world around us.  While on any one of my many long photography walks, my trusted camera and lens enable me to focus on and enhance that world in a myriad of ways.  My minimal equipment captures the light and the moment in such enchanting ways that remarkable and ever-unfolding perspectives reveal themselves.  My own sensibilities guide me as I attempt to weave creative and conceptual depth into my work with minimal post-processing.  It means a great deal to me that others enjoy the results of my efforts. 


wetland reflections ~ Lake Huron

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